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Text Paraphraser: Rewrite an Article Easily

writersTake text that either sounds and looks close to something that is already on the internet, or already is on the internet, paraphrase online a word here of there to make it your own and voila! Instant text paraphraser paper! Writers on the fly. That is the thought process. Honestly, it is a myth. Changing a word here or there still makes it plagiarism. Hanging ‘jet’ to ‘aeroplane.’ does not make it yours. There is a fine line between paraphrasing and plagiarizing; not knowing the difference is the difference between an ‘A’ or promotion and expulsion and termination. When you go through the proper rewrite article steps, you have a masterpiece, not a termination notice. Do not expect magic if you engage the first website you come across to “rewrite my essay.” That is what makes our paper rephraser service necessary, and our attention to detail makes us stand above the rest

Why Our Article Rephraser Online

dissertationWhen you look up our line of work, you find dozens if not more who offer these services. But where we stand out of the crowd is the attention to detail.We have built a reputation of a paraphrasing and rewriting service that is on top of its game. We know our craft, are artists of the written word and ready to take on your hardest of rewriting jobs. Such things others overlook like:

  • Native speakers only: Only native English speakers understand the nuances and slang of English. There are even differences between the UK, US and AUS English. If you are a native of the area and your paper suddenly sounds like a Texan wrote it, you have a problem. That is why all everyone we hire to be a content rewriter is native English speaker.
  • Expert rewriters: Our rewriters fully understands all academic writing rules regarding plagiarism and citations.
  • Friendly support: This is your hard-earned money that you are investing with us to do a service for you. The last thing you need is attitude when you ask a question. From the first point of contact to the very last, you will find cheerful, friendly support in your corner.
  • Worldwide respect: We have been around a while and our name and reputation have earned a reputation of fast, dedicated professional service that no amount of advertising can buy.
  • Calm under pressure: We do not buckle when up against deadlines. If a paper can be paraphrased or what any other service you need can physically be done, we will do it. No excuses.

Next Level Content Rewriter

dissertation rewriterMoving with the pack is not enough. If being just another tool to use, there would be no reason to use our paraphrase online services. We go a step beyond as well. We are your hidden Shakespeare, quill at the ready to belt out another classic. Here are the reasons why we’re the best in business for the last 5 years and why you’ll come back to us again when you’ll need quality paraphrasing service:

  • Affordable: You want the best, but have a budget to hire your article rewriter on. Who has Shakespeare on retainer? We understand you are on a budget That is why our prices are reasonable and well within your reach. We want you to be a repeat customer, not one on his way to the poor house.
  • Free proofreading: We do not charge by the comma. There are no hidden fees to correctly spell a word. To us, proofreading should be part of the package. Quotations should not be extra. We make our money as an essay rewriter, not as the grammar police.
  • Unlimited review feature: Unlimited reviews with a quick turnaround between each one.
  • Free plagiarism report: You have your finished paper, all the paraphrase, rewrite sites say that the finished product will pass a plagiarism check. Short of running it yourself, how do you know? We offer a free plagiarism report showing that we ran our finished copy to prove it will pass a plagiarism check. You take a finished report that already has stood up to the rigours of a check.
  • Additional research: Does your dissertation require three pages of sources you say? You only have two? We can help there. With our content rewriters, we can find that missing source and work it into your paper. We can be your secret Google.

Our Article Rewriter Guarantees

In addition to those, we offer those guarantees that our competition just wishes that they could offer.

  • Money-back guarantee: That’s right. If after everything we do, you are still not happy with our services, we will refund your fees.
  • Quality: Our work is years ahead of anyone else. We take pride in doing it better than all the rest.
  • 24/7 support: Have a question? Need to add something to your job? Nothing to fret, you can reach us 24/7 via phone or email.
  • Secure payment: With all the news out there that hackers have found ways to steal elections and payments with ease, you will happy to find out we use the latest in payment security. Your data is safe with us.
  • Not automated: We cannot stress the importance of using a manual paper rephraser over an article rephraser online. A human can think outside of the box, the machine cannot even put you in the right box!

Your future awaits! Your paper needs a step up, a step above and a step beyond. Our text paraphraser is the solution!