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Correct Sample of Paraphrasing Text

essayBy now you have heard the words paraphrasing and rewriting tossed about a few time. You know roughly what you want, but like anything you are still a bit confused.  Paraphrasing or rewording is the art of taking information from one or more subjects and rewriting them in such a way that the knowledge is shared in a new and unique way.’ Everything that ever was written is nothing more than a sample of paraphrasing.

This is perfectly okay, very few of us have intimate knowledge on certain subjects. You and I take information from second or third-hand sources all the time. The trick that keeps this information from becoming plagiarism is restating that information in your words and asking for paraphrasing help online. It is easier than it sounds but harder than it looks.

Example of Paraphrase Paragraph: Essay Building Made Simple

essay paraphrasingWhen you first bring your idea to us, it will be in the roughest of forms. Whether it is multiple pages that we must build a final draft from or, one draft that we must restate and reword, the first document we see will undergo many rewrites before being returned to you as a paraphraser sample.

That is one of the many steps and services that we offer as part of our experience.

  • Profesional: The final copy will sound as if it is written from authority.
  • Plagiarism free: You can rest easy that anything that we write for you will be original work and pass any plagiarism check such as Copyscape.
  • Sourced: If we need to cite sources, rest easy knowing that these are legitimate sources. Many of our competitors have invented sources. Not us.
  • Revised: If you are not happy for any reason with what we send you, then we are more than happy to revise and edit as necessary to meet your demands.
  • Researched: Should we need to do any research, it will be information that is verifiable and accurate. We do not make up filler information. We take pride in every sentence we write.

You can rest assured that from the cover page to the last source, we stand behind everything that we write. We treat your paper like our own.

How to Paraphrase: Example

academic writingParaphrasing is an art. Many people like to think of an example of a paraphrase as a mere technical action. To them, written communication is nothing more than a tool to be utilized and nothing more. However, if done right, academic writing can change the world. They can convince us to do things, think things and buy things that we never even considered, Words can electrify the soul of hardening the heart to someone or something.

It is magic, it is art, it is doable by everyone though.

  • Know your audience: That is the first step to paraphrasing anything. You would never use technical jargon in a piece meant for children. Use words written for the audience.;
  • Concise: That is the most forgotten action. Straight and to the point. Use an economy of words.
  • Targeted: Do not ramble. It is easy to want to share information that you know on the subject, to impress. But if it does not directly pertain to the subject at hand, do you need it;
  • Hamburger instead of steak: Do not use a big word in a paraphrase sentence example when a small one works just as well. For instance, I could have written: “Do not use polysyllabic words when a monosyllable word suffices.”; I said the exact same thing, but why use the latter phrase? The latter phrase was meant to impress, the former meant to convey an idea. Go for the idea every time.
  • Revise and edit: Too often writers have a nasty habit of assuming that their work is perfect the first time and leaving it as is. Your work can always use a second set of eyes to check for grammar and such.

Best Paraphrase Sample Providers

Remember, when paraphrasing, try and put things into your own words as often as possible. Do not be afraid to stare at a blank screen or empty sheet of paper. Sometimes the first word you write will lead to a second and so forth. Then there is the always simple step of simply looking for a paraphrasing service and how to paraphrase example.

Our sample of paraphrasing didn’t help? Don’t wait for your inspiration! Paraphrasing help online is merely a click away!